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Author Topic: Storyline Information  (Read 36319 times)


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Storyline Information
« on: November 16, 2014, 03:54:52 AM »

Marvel: Crusaders takes place two years after the Civil War arc and is based off of the main 616 Universe. The setting is a typical Marvel status quo with the Avengers stationed in Manhattan, the X-Men with the Xavier Institute, and solo players on the streets.  Since this is role-play, there are several creative differences from canon despite the premise being the canonical 616 universe.  To better understand these differences and to get caught up on storyline wide events that have transpired, read the Timeline of Events.

This is an open storyline.  Applications are not necessary.  Anyone is welcome to join so long as they are active participants in role-play, either in chat rooms or on the boards.  See the Roster. To reserve a canon character, contact a moderator (Darkstar, Oranbega) and let us know which character you would like to assume the role of. This way, your chosen character belongs to you within the storyline.

To join, message a moderator and request to join our AIM GroupChats with the links below.  Once you let us know what character you would like to play and your AIM request has been approved, you will be able to chat with other members and participate in real time role-play.  This process is necessary to prevent spambots from entering the chats, but should be relatively painless and super easy to get started!

This storyline is open to movie and alternate universe renditions of characters, and players of all Marvel fandoms should feel free to join.  When choosing a canon character, keep the basics canon, but remember that this is role-play and do not feel limited.  Since this is a character-driven storyline in which players are encouraged to personally shape the outcomes of the story through their role-play, freedom of expression and creativity is key.

Quicklinks to references
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