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Author Topic: Timeline of Events  (Read 37947 times)


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Timeline of Events
« on: November 16, 2014, 03:58:30 AM »

Timeline of Events
[ All of the events in Marvel Crusaders have been time-scaled to fit the modern years. ]

2012:  Civil War  The enforcement of mutant and superhuman registration divides the superhero community.  Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, leads the registration enforcement while Captain America leads the rebellion.  In the end, Iron Man is victorious and a registry is enforced upon all superheroes.  Many continue to hide from this law, while others agree to register themselves on the basis that their identities are view-able only by a select few in SHIELD.
-Judge Dredd Sentinels are deployed in areas of great distress, where mutants band together and continue to rebel.

2013: Avengers Initiative The Avengers are re-formed by Tony Stark.  SHIELD sponsors Avengers needs, but does not control their movements.  Avengers HQ is located in Stark Tower in the top levels.
- Moral Dilemma Avengers are recruited, though some are hesitant about their membership due to the recent Civil War.
- X-Men Never Die The X-men rebuild Xavier's Institute and continue their plight to save humankind while bringing equality to mutantkind.  Many of them had no choice in their identities being automatically registered, but are protected from the law because of this.

2014: Russian Meltdown The Russian government is secretly overthrown by puppeteers, and the super soldier team meant to protect the motherland is used to commit various war crimes.  Infantry is mobilized and invades neighboring European countries.  During this period, a "Darkforce Curtain" is deployed over much of Western Russia and Eastern Europe, preventing the world from getting involved in the conflict.
- America Targeted America is attacked when the Pentagon is bombed, provoking American interest in destroying the nearly impenetrable wall of black energy shielding the country.
- Iron Curtain Dispelled The Super Soldiers upholding the wall and commanding military attacks are defeated.  The wall is destroyed.
- Russia Rebuilds Russia remains in political shambles.  Resistance teams are dedicated to rooting out the last of the puppeteers and securing the government.
- Capitalist Controversy Darkstar, formerly responsible for the darkforce curtain and a known war criminal for her involvement in the Russian attacks, defects to the United States and is recruited by The Avengers.

September 2014: Sinister Attacks Taking advantage of the weakened state of the world, Sinister attacks the X-Men.  Central Park is leveled during one of these attacks. 
- Brotherhood Alliance The Brotherhood forms a shaky alliance with the X-men as Magneto offers his hand in destroying Sinister.
- Avengers Alliance The Avengers offer resources to the X-Men to help fight Sinister.
- Dear Diaries Psylocke and Shadowcat recover eleven of thirteen of Destiny's Diaries.
- SHIELD Intervention SHIELD sends temporary operative Bloodline, and Avenger Darkstar, to Japan to send a message to Blade.  Yakuza paranormals attack, mission is considered a success.

October 2014: Sinister, Still Kicking Horrifically disfigured experimental mutants are let loose in Manhattan.  Several blocks of street are destroyed.
- Counter Attack Sinister is being investigated, his labs tracked down by the X-Men and Brotherhood.  Several labs are destroyed, weakening Sinister's plot.
- Another Batch More experimentally cloned mutants are released around the world, including the streets of Florence.  The X-men defeat them, and find out that the experiments are all failed attempts at something much more powerful.
- Magneto's Forces Grow The stranded team of The Exiles join the Brotherhood.  The Witch, and alternate reality version of Wanda Maximoff, is quickly accepted into the fold alongside Blink.
- Dread Dormammu Dormammu attacks by teleporting Magik and nearby bodies into Limbo, where he has taken over.  The Witch and Colossus are severely injured, and Doom harvests the powers of Limbo as Dormammu is defeated by Magik.

November 2014: Sinister Attacked Sinister's alpha clone, a young boy created by genetic experimentation of alpha level mutants, is captured by the mercenaries Domino and Punisher.
- Shadow King Remy is MIA while fighting the Shadow King.  The X-men suffer an important loss.
- Doom Rising Victor von Doom successfully recruits Illyana Rasputina to his cause.  Colossus follows in suit.  The X-Men are left with an even weaker team to fight Sinister.
- Brotherhood Betrayal Magneto betrays his alliance with the Avengers and the X-Men by kidnapping the "son of Sinister" alpha-clone, with plans to use his strength to secure his own nation of Genosha.
- A New Nation Genosha's main construction is finished with Magneto as the Supreme Leader.  Genosha is a mutant friendly nation, promising freedom from persecution for all mutants.
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